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To softball team participants: Church League Softball is an extension of the Zion Hill Free Will Baptist Church, and as such, the attitudes and actions of the players is a direct reflection on the church. If we lose a game, or all of our games, we have lost nothing that really means anything. If we lose our reputation and testimony before the community, we have lost our ability to minister and bring great reproach to the Name and Cause of Jesus Christ. We must not allow that to happen!

Several churches involved in Church League Softball are already “the talk of the town”, because they obviously have very little or no requirements for team members. We will not have that reputation!

As pastor of this church, I have a God-given responsibility for the oversight and protection of its reputation and ministries. Players who fail to follow the participation requirements will not be allowed to play, and may be removed from the roster. Registration fees and uniform costs will not be refunded, so make sure that you intend to follow the participation requirements before being put on the roster.

As pastor, I reserve the right to make final decisions about a player’s eligibility to play, or to remain on the team.

I want you to have fun. I want you to play to win. I want the team atmosphere to strengthen our bond with one another. But most of all, I want you to be a reflection of our church and the Lord Jesus Christ in action and attitude.

The participation requirements and expectations are on the reverse side. Read them, and if you agree to abide by them you may pay your registration fee and be placed on the team roster.

Sincerely, Pastor Keith Lloyd

Participation Requirements

  1. Team members must attend church at least four (4) times per month. There are twelve (12) to fourteen (14) opportunities to attend church each month on Sundays and Wednesdays, so everyone should be able to meet this requirement.
    1. If you miss three (3) consecutive weeks, there is no way to meet the attendance requirement for that month. You must attend two (2) services before you will be allowed to resume play.
    2. Each player must have attended at least two (2) services within three (3) weeks of the beginning of the season, in order to be eligible to play in the first game.
    3. We don’t want players to come to church just to play softball. If you quit attending after softball season is over, don’t expect to come back and play for Zion Hill again the next season.
  2. Profanity and/or fighting will not be tolerated. Players doing so will immediately be removed from the game and the roster, and will not be allowed to return for the remainder of the season.
  3. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Players displaying such conduct will be removed from play for the remainder of the game, and will be expected to apologize to both teams and/or the officials.
    1. If an umpire’s call is in question, it can be done respectfully. They are not in the habit of reversing calls, nor do we want them to be. Enough questioning to keep the game officials on their toes is sufficient. Yelling, kicking, and throwing will not be tolerated.
    2. Other teams sometimes have players that are mouthy and ungodly. We will not stoop to their level in response, but will “bless them that curse…do good to them that hate…and pray for them which despitefully use and persecute…that we may be the children of our Father in heaven.” You cannot win in a verbal war with an opposing player. Instead of responding to their verbal assault, concentrate your attention on playing the game and preserving your testimony.
  4. Alcohol and drugs will not be tolerated. Players who come to a game intoxicated or smelling of alcohol will immediately be removed from the game and the team roster, and will not be allowed to return.
  5. We will follow all rules of the league. We will not use bats, balls, or other equipment that has been deemed illegal.
    1. Teams are allowed two “non-attendee” players from churches that do not have their own team. These players are expected to meet the same attendance requirements at their own church. i. Note: We have two men who have played with us since we were a combined team. We do not consider them to be our “non attendee” players.
  6. When you wear the uniform, you represent the church. If you are caught wearing the uniform while doing something illegal, immoral, or ungodly (i.e. purchasing alcohol, going to a bar, cursing, etc.), you will be immediately removed from the team’s roster.


Softball Participation Agreement – PDF

Softball Participation Agreement – MS Word

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