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Zion Hill Free Will Baptist Church is located in Ware County, Georgia, in the  small, rural community of Millwood. The church facilities are located off of  Highway 82 (also known as “Corridor Z”) on Zion Hill Road . Zion Hill FWB Church has a voluntarily and working affiliation with the Little  River Association of Free Will Baptists (district), the Georgia State  Association of Free Will Baptists (state), and the National Association of Free  Will Baptists (national).

Though the church is autonomous in it’s government  (the highest body of authority), we enjoy the fellowship and cooperation of  like-minded Christians within the Free Will Baptist family. You can find out more about these Associations and about the faith and practice  of Free Will Baptists by clicking on the links provided. Zion Hill FWB Church moved into a new, state-of-the-art sanctuary in January  2004, with the latest technology in sound and video equipment.

We enjoy a mix of  both traditional and contemporary music in our worship services, and love to see  our youth involved in this ministry.

The Sunday School program at Zion Hill has something to offer for people of all  ages, and is designed to facilitate family devotional time at home by having  everyone study the same Scripture and topic at various levels. The lessons are  fun, interactive, and spiritually engaging. In addition to our regular services and our Sunday School program, Zion Hill FWB  Church offers a variety of other opportunities for ministry and worship,  including: youth and adult Praise & Worship Teams, Men’s & Women’s ministries,  an active Youth Group, and an Outreach Ministry called “FAITH Evangelism  Strategy”.

We are constantly seeking to expand the ministry of our Church, inside and  outside it’s doors, with the earnest desire that we might also be a part in  expanding the Kingdom of God in this world and the next.

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